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Pure happiness is the rarest thing in today's lifestyle. Things are so complicated now that we get confused oftentimes "Should I be happy now?" When someone really praises us the first thing that comes to mind is " Why is she saying so many good things?" and as a consequence, we get suspicious instead of being happy. We need to find happiness these days because the things which are supposed to give us happiness, has been contaminated by our extremely intricate mentality. Our mentality is more polluted than the pollution mother nature has.

You can find it weird but I genuinely miss my childhood days and that pure, innocent mind and heart of that little version of mine. So so small, even the smallest things could make my days.

Let's relive those days once again.....❤

1. One of my best sources of happiness in childhood was colorful crayons....pastel colours' sticks actually. My drawing was pathetic. All I cared about were those crayons.

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I remember my mom used to keep them in lock and keys otherwise I kept to draw with them on all the walls of our house. 
Actually, there was a deal. I used to get those colours for a certain time in return for completing my home tasks. I did my homework throughout the afternoon so that I got the crayons in the evening. 
As a matter of fact, I still have a box of pastel colours though I use it rarely. There is an improvement I can actually draw a little bit.

2. Next thing I remember my fantasy of having long hair. There is a story behind it. My hair had a great density and my mom believed that they were the main reason for my getting cold easily. Because it was a great deal to make them dry after a bath and didn't have the idea of a dryer back then. So I was always seen with hair of the least length in my head.
But I always had my way out.....whatever I got in hand....towel, scarf or anything like that I used to tie it on my head and that was a dream comes true moment. I tied it most of the time until I was forced to have a bath. 
And surprisingly my sister was also of that species. Actually, she was more creative....she used all the hair clips of mom on that know!!!....🙈

3. That time there was a piece of famous chewing gum. The reason for its fame was a sticker which used to be inside that packet and we children loved to imprint that on hand. Mom hated it. She never allowed me to have that. After a lot of arguments, crying when I really got on her nerve she allowed me to have that and I felt like a queen with that sticker on my hand.

4. Being a complete Bengali girl the festival I enjoy most is ‘Durga Puja’( Worship of Goddess Durga). Other than pandal (a temporary decorated place where the worship takes place) hoping and buying new dresses my most favorite part was having 'Mehendi' on hand. Then I was not able to draw it myself. There were temporary shops that used to imprint the chosen design on palms with the help of colour. And having that on my hand was a must in the time of ‘Durga Puja’. I remember, the day I used to have that I didn’t eat myself because that colour was very temporary. Mom had to feed me. The next day when I saw that design on my hand, for no such reason it felt like “yes, I am also a part of this festival now” and I was the happiest. 
Till today whenever I pass through those shops during the festival I get back to those days of childhood.

5. My mom is a nurse. She often used to bring some kind of blue caps of some bottle probably. Till today, I don’t know what was that exactly but they were a big part of my little world then. I always used to count them and organize them in various ways. And asked mom to bring more of them.

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So these were some of the pure innocent happiness of my childhood. We all have these kinds of things which we don’t do but their memories make us smile from the core of our hearts. Would love to know your childhood things. You can share it in the comment section below. Or maybe you don’t want to share it but do memorize it to live some moments of those complication-free days and to smile.

Have a good time ahead.

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