Yes, I am talking to you if you love to bully people over social media handles. 

What do you think?

You're a big hero or something?
Commenting and messaging nastily hiding behind your phone or laptop, just shows how spineless and a sick creature you are. You don't deserve to be called a human being.

You guys belong to the contaminated part of our society, a group of undefined garbage, look like humans. Literally good for nothing. All-day just passing your frustration and insecurities on other peoples' positivity.

Have you ever think how would it feel when your sister or mother will be getting such vulgar things on social media from another creature like you?

The thought that people are getting hurt and disturbed by your disgusting activity gives you utter pleasure......right? Poor creature, let me tell you nobody gives a damn. Rather your doings help to count the number of mentally disturbed people.

You are roaming among us in the disguise of a so-called gentleman. That's why we fail to recognize you.


Image by Pixabay 

Cyberbullying is a social disease we all are facing every now and then in our social media handles or maybe through phone messages. Just as our increasingly social media activity, it is also increasing day by day. Every time we post something there are nasty comments along with good ones. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram you name it and there are some people who are always trying to put their nose in your happiness. Message boxes are overflowing with peoples’ sick mentality, private pictures, intolerable messages. 


Firstly, if you are strong enough mentally then just ignore these things. That person will stop automatically. These people are basically cowards. They cannot see anyone’s happiness. They love to demoralize people. So just ignore them and carry on.

Never blame yourself for these things. It's not like you're being bullied because of your shortcomings. So never take it that way. If someone is bullying you the problem is in him not in you. Never let yourself go through fear, anxiety, depression because of someone's ill mentality.

Try to avoid responding to that person. Because he/she wants you to react and respond badly. If you start replying there will be a continuous chain of bullying and that's what that person wants. Don't let him satisfy his bad intentions. Moreover, you need to come down to that person's level which you don't want.

In social media, there is a savior called 'BLOCK.' Use it and block the person. And also report that account.

One big advantage of social media is we can save the evidence of bullying here. You can take a screenshot and spread it among friends and ask them to report that account as much as possible. 

Through this evidence, you can take help from the police if the situation gets worse like are receiving threats of rape or any kind of physical harm.

Share the incidents with people whom you can trust. Talk to colleagues, friends anyone you feel like. They can suggest and help you to take action on this.

Share it with parents and take legal action if it's happening constantly. I know parents can react harshly but try to make them understand.

Don't share your passwords with anyone, not even with your closest... especially not with someone who may not be a part of your life later. It's too risky. You will be sharing it in the name of the trust. But there is no guarantee that he will not use it later with bad intentions. Human nature is unpredictable to a great extent.

Last but not the least, if you come to know someone being bullied on social media try to listen to his/her problem and do help as much as you can.


Never value an unknown person's filthy comment who doesn't even have the courage to face you. 


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