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'Teenage' - the most exciting and adventurous phase of our life. The age of 12/13 years to 19 years is generally known as 'teenage'. Some of you are in this...some are about to be in. Talking about me, I have crossed it already and whenever I think about those times it feels like "I was so stupid!!!!" But honestly, I miss that sometimes. Yes, it's true that I had no sense of reality, whatever I did the reason was curiosity or stubbornness but back then I used to do things whole-heartedly which cannot be done now. That was a totally different energy. Today so many things are up there in life if I want to do something I need to think about many related things. And it happens with all of us. Some of us think "I wish I wouldn't do that"....while some are thinking "I wish I could do that again."

It is said that teenagers are very impulsive, kind of eristic, and obstinate most of the time. Yes, they are. But why? Is it just about hormonal changes? 
Why teenagers behave like that? Why parents are so irritated and tense while children are in the teenage period?

Well, I am not a psychologist...I cannot tell you those scientific and bookish reasons. But when I turn back I can see a girl who was full of life, full of questions, curiosity and with a spark in her eyes to explore all the new things around but she didn't know whom to question, how to ask, how to behave, how to express herself properly. 
She was very excited about thinking that she exists just like another human being....whenever someone praised her, said something good about her, or maybe just asked her for something she was feeling like her existence was being approved by the world. For no reason, she used to remain happy all the time. She wanted to share whatever she got in her way but didn't know with whom. 
Then one day she shared a little incident that was not so little to her age with her parents. But things suddenly got changed and her parents made her a victim of that "Little Nothing." That day those innocent eyes were full of fear and pain....did not know what are they talking about.....didn't know how to react.....she was crying and an unknown weird pressure was there inside her. Amidst all those happenings she realized that she shouldn't have shared that thing with her parents and the journey began.

I believe it happens with almost each one of us. In other words, it can be said that teenage mean that time of life when experience meets innocence. This time is extremely sensitive. Every child reacts in their own way. No one of these phases can be compared to others. 
If a child is handled roughly during this time it can leave a dangerous effect on the rest of his life such as some natural instincts can be suppressed or maybe some pre-conceived notions about things can be rooted deeply in the subconscious mind which will further affect his future life.
You may find it sounding pointless but a person who is suffering knows the truth. You have no clue how it feels when a grown-up finds out that some common things he cannot do normally......he needs to push himself for doing that because there is fear or anxiety in his mind about that thing which is rooted in his childhood. It's very hard to get rid of such things.....if you can you will be the strongest but who cannot situation gets worse for them.

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I know that being a parent is a huge responsibility. But many issues are coming up today in which parents could have been a little more careful.

With all due respect, you guys can act a bit more friendly when we are in trouble. Yes, providing financial support is the biggest responsibility you have but is that all?

You are the one, suggesting others to be friendly with their children but when it comes to are just up to showing the superiority of parenthood.....WHY?? You are an adult, you know how this teenage feels...still, you never try to know your child. And when we try to share something you just ignore that, behave rudely, or misunderstand us. Tell me where will we go now ? whom? You know this is the reason many teenagers get on the wrong track of life which sometimes leads them to death. Suicide is the most common cause of death among teenagers and adolescents in our country.

Why are you always comparing me with others? You can try to inspire me, motivate me instead of comparing me with someone....right?

On top of all this, you are always explaining my time with yours. I am not in your time, rather you are here in my time. Nothing is the same anymore. This kind of behavior of yours is just creating distance among us and one day again you will be the one saying "Today's children share nothing with their parents."
Have you ever tried to listen to them?

It feels like somebody has given you the duty of being perfect parents. Human beings cannot be perfect. But yes, you can be an ideal person to your child if you can keep aside that parental superiority and be your child's age to know him.

Please don't let your child go through this phase all alone. 
Be there with him as a friend and guide him instead of being harsh. 

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