In The Name of Love :

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Yes, I’m talking about that feeling for which you say “ I am in a relationship” or “I am engaged.” ‘I Love You’.....these three little words, every now and then people are saying as proof that they really love each other.

How is love today?

Honestly, love has no definition in today's lifestyle. It has become an excuse or masks off all the filthy, dirty, and fake mentality. 

Romantic novels and films are showing that there will be slow-motion, rainbow in the night sky, butterflies in the stomach, rain in the scorching heat, and so on....when you will be in love. But it's reality, my friend, rainbows can be seen only in daylight.

According to some people love is supposed to be felt at first sight. Which I truly believe is “lust at first sight.”

Some are saying that it’s all about physical compatibility. If okay then stay otherwise there are more in line. People with this mentality contribute a lot to India's shameful record of rape. Actually, they can be called future rapists.

Teenagers have crossed all the lines these days. A girl of class 6 or 7 is saying that she can do anything for her boyfriend.....seriously!!! Do you even know how many letters are there in the word 'anything'?

Some beasts with the mask of human beings are carrying their partner’s obscene pictures on various devices and defining it as love. You can say “who are you to ask? My partner...I can do whatever I want....or something like that.” 
No need to answer me. Be honest to yourself that you are just seeking excuses to satisfy your pervert, sick mentality. Call it whatever you want but don’t tag it as LOVE.....please.

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Finding love in such a country wherein every 15 minutes a girl is being raped by someone known in 93.9% of cases; where the number of acid attack incidents is 300 per year, is nothing but a cruel comedy.
Last year after Dr Priyanka Reddy's barbarous rape and murder, one of the top searches on Google in India was 'Priyanka Reddy rape video.' So it's better to find water in a dessert than 'love' in our society.

In spite of all these, we are human beings and we live with the hope of good. And that is why after seeing the worst, we want to trust people once again.

To me, love is adding a person to our life to celebrate our existence along with those who are already there in our life. It's not about sacrificing self-respect and surrendering yourself to someone's need.

I have seen my parents. Thousands of responsibilities have snatched their time to say 'I love you' to each other. But you know...I have seen my father cut fruits for my mom in the morning when she is busy cooking and other household works. And this makes me believe every day that it’s not finished some more.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely based on my personal opinion. Yours can be totally different which I do respect, so do not take it personally. And it's open to criticism but be kind with your words.

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