Self-analysis: Recognizing Yourself 

What is self-analysis?
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What is self-analysis?

  • Self-analysis is becoming your own judge. It is a situation when a person is analyzing his doings irrespective of any others' comments. It is having a meaningful conversation with ourselves about anything we have done in life or maybe just in a day.
  • We human beings are always changing. Every day we are growing and learning something from life by our mistakes or any well-doing. It's very important that we do analyze our activities because they are the reflection of what we are and why we are. 
  • Sometimes we just do things without being in it, just friends or someone else pampers us and we get involved in something without thinking anything. And then after some time when we start realizing it feels like " Have I really done this?...why?" This behavior can be harmful to ourselves. It can be used against us by our close ones.

Why self-analysis is important?

I believe self-analysis is the key to a person's existence. Whenever doing anything or taking any decision make sure you are mentally present there in a complete way. 
Oftentimes after taking any decision we excuse ourselves by saying " I didn't want to do this. It's them...they insisted so much that I couldn't resist." This doesn't make sense anyway. Nobody will see that someone was insisting on you or not. If anything wrong happened as a consequence of your work you will be the one to be blamed.

But if you have the habit of analyzing yourself you will be knowing what you really want to do. And if anything wrong happened you will have the confidence to handle it properly. 

Self-analysis helps to bring out the best version of a person. It gives us a definition of what we are doing. The best part is I cannot lie to me about myself. Whatever it is I am bound to confess the truth in front of my inner self.

Self-analysis is a conversation with our conscience, the ultimate judge who knows every truth of our life.

It makes a mindset to learn from mistakes. We always say that we should learn from our faults. But not everybody has that mental strength to do it. There are people who suppress themselves under their mistakes instead of facing it.

It helps to maintain the balance between emotions and reality, mind, and brain more precisely. Anything excessive cannot be right. If you are too emotional nobody will understand you and if you are too practical nobody will be with you till the end. So it's very important to keep a balance between these things.

We oftentimes explain our mistakes to people to hear that I was right. I know that I was wrong still, I am explaining my doings to make it right. Because I am afraid to accept that I have done wrong. Self-analysis gives the guts to accept "Yes, I was wrong."

Some Possible Ways of Analyzing yourself :

1. Be Your Own Critic :

Whenever you feel a change in your mood and thoughts try to write it down in a diary. Try to write down your feelings about things or situations. After writing down your thoughts be your own critic and analyze them. Is there any particular pattern in your thoughts? Are you trying to run away from any specific emotion? Questions like this help to accept ourselves.

2. Learn from Past and Let It Go :

If you feel that some incidents of your past are following you and overpowering your decisions every time, write it down and face it. Your present life cannot be controlled by your past. It's okay if you made any mistakes back then. Just learn from it and let it go.

3. Understand Your Subconscious Mind :

Our subconscious mind has great control in all our doings in the present day. Sometimes some notions occur in the mind derived from unwanted happenings of life and spread their roots in our subconscious mind and overpower our every decision. It's very important to figure out those happenings and unroot their effects from the present life.

4. Recognize Your Inner Voice :

We human beings have an inner voice. It can't be heard, it is to be felt. A person who is confident about himself has a distinct and accepting inner voice. Question yourself to feel that inner voice of yours. It will help you to understand yourself. 

What is self-analysis?
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So, that was all for today. Hope this will help you to deal with your problems in life.



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