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Social media plays a great role today in our life. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing we love to post it on social media handles. It's good because nowadays we are so busy in life it's hard to meet people physically all the time. At least social media gives us a platform where we can connect with each other, come to know about each others' happenings in life.  We get a vast platform here to showcase our talents which can be a mode of earning too. As a matter of fact, many people are making their livelihood through social media to a great extent which is really appreciable. There are many other benefits that we get from the social media platform but the story doesn't end here. 

Social media is like a 'double-edged sword'. Just as so many benefits it has an extremely dark side which is swallowing our positivity, mentality, personality, confidence, and our whole life in some cases day by day. Social media plays a great role in our life to get rid of loneliness.  We talk to people over there, follow many friends and celebrities, and try to be a part of their life by liking their pictures. But sometimes instead of making us happy, these things take away the least happiness we had and left us as a depressed, insecure, anxious soul.

The main victim of this situation is the younger generation of our society, the adolescents. They start to measure their abilities, life, everything with social media norms, and as a consequence, the most promising portion of society is suffering from anxiety and depression.

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We often say excessive use of social media keeps us away from real friends and the real world. But it is worse than that actually. And the main victim of this nowadays is teenagers.

1. Staying almost all the time in the virtual world makes us comparing ourselves with others. After a certain time, you start to feel that you are good for nothing and they are doing all the works.

2. We start to think that people who are smiling in the picture are having a better life than us. They are having all the fun of life and we are the unlucky one who is stuck at home.

3. Unknowingly we get into a competition of posting every detail of our life in public to get more and more followers and likes on our posts. It makes us feel bad when there are very few likes in our pictures.

4. We start to judge a person based on likes and comments in his pictures which is just not done and full of negativity.

5. When someone is posting any kind of achievement and success, instead of getting inspired we feel insecure and worthless which further pushes us to lose our self-confidence.

6. We begin to copy whom we idolize. It's great to have an idol in life but copying him means losing our own individuality. There is a great difference between getting inspired and copying someone.

7. We sometimes get into whatever celebs are posting and saying, start to think that is the ultimate truth and our only work is to follow them. This thing often left us with nothing but a negative and frustrating personality.


Today we actually need social media. Everything is online now and also we need to stay updated about happenings around us. That's why it's a stupid thing to say that 'quit using social media' but the thing we can do is we can stop using it unnecessarily and can change the way of thinking about things.

A celebrity is posting amazing pictures every day doesn't always mean he/she is extremely happy in life. They need to stay in the news and public eye all the time. It's a part of their life, it's their job. If they stop posting regularly people will not take long to forget them. So never compare them with your life. You are amazing and no need to prove that by posting stylish pictures every day. If it comes naturally then it's up to you otherwise there is no point in pushing yourself in such a stupid thing. Posting selfies can be fun but not a ritual.

Get inspired by people but don't copy them. Every individual has their own unique also have one, just let it flourish, try to figure out what you really want to do. Don't let any other's lifestyle overshadow yours. You will never get to know yourself if you just copy whatever they say.

Try to be happy seeing someone's achievement instead of being frustrated about yourself. Get that urge of doing something in life rather than feeling worthless. 

Basically, the point is social media is full of various things most of which are fake. See whatever is coming while scrolling but don't connect it with your life every time. Do not let social media control your life. It can ruin your life and make you the most unsocial person just as it can show you a new way of life.

Instead of posting morning, selfies try to say a 'good morning' to people who actually do care for you.  




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