No One is More Moody than Mood Itself :

Facts of life
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MOOD: Hi...I am your mood...have we met before?
ME: Of course, will you let me live without meeting you? Half of my day goes just to keep you on track.
MOOD: So, how are you?
ME: That depends on you dear...please be happy so that I can be happy too.

Mood, mindset anything you can call it...it controls us and our whole day. It’s the weirdest thing ever. If I am going to sleep happily there is no guarantee that I will be waking up with the same. It keeps changing all the time.

Sometimes just after waking up in the morning, it feels like I will be crying for no reason and sometimes I feel so fresh, lively that my sister keeps asking “what is it? Why are you so happy?” 

It happens to all of us. Some of us have the golden opportunity to share it with people. But who haven't....they don't deserve sitting lonely, sadly in a corner.

What can we do when we feel that way sometimes? Look, it’s not possible these days to talk to someone anytime you want. Everyone is busy in their life. 

Talking about me, I use to stay in a flat alone where it was impossible to talk to people whenever I want. So unknowingly I started to cheer up myself by doing certain things of my choice. 

My Mood Boosters :

1. The very first thing on my list is ordering food from outside. I have strict instructions from parents to have homemade food always. So whenever this moody thing happens I order some of my favorites...mostly Chicken Biriyani and Ice-cream....these guys are more than enough to cheer me up instantly.

2. Secondly, there is music. It has that amazing power to touch my mind directly. I am in music from my 4 or 5 years old age and credit goes to my mom. Any kind of emotional hotchpotches....singing and listening to Tagore’s songs save me always.

Facts of life
My favorite mood boosters
3. Sometimes instead of ordering food I call off my house-help and cook myself.......any new recipe or just usual rice, fish, veggies but it works like a refreshment. 

4. Watching movies which I have already watched many times also very helpful. It’s like I get back to that comfort zone of mine again.

5. Reading Bengali novels helps me a lot in this phase. I read those novels which I have already read once. Some of my favorites are there which I always keep with me as soft copy cause it’s not possible to carry hard copy always. It works every time.

Conclusion :

Basically, you need to do something to break the monotonous way of living the day. Little things which you won’t do usually can be enough to lift up your mood. Such as try to cook a new recipe, try out a new dress, having a new style haircut, or maybe cleaning and dusting the house, anything you feel connected with.

I know it’s not possible to be happy every single day but we can at least try to make it positive...right? Especially when there is no one to listen to us. I believe it's important to end our day on a happy, positive note to start afresh again tomorrow. 

So, these are some little things which I do in my bad mood days. I am sure you also have yours and would love to know that. Share your mood lifters in the comment section below. 


Facts of life

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