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Today, I am going to share something about ASMR which is trending like anything these days. Many people already know about it but I have come to know about it a before a week and since then I have tried many sounds to know is it effective or not. After getting a really good result I thought to share it with you guys.



The term ASMR is actually a miniature of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This term has been coined in 2010. This is popular as a kind of brain massage by various kinds of placid sounds like whispering, crackle, eating sound, etc., and sights.

These sounds are magic. I didn't know such trivial daily sounds can be a way to chill...relax, sleep, and to please yourself. I know the term 'ASMR' for 2 to 3 years...but never tried to dive into it to know what is it. It was like 3 years ago I came across a channel where a guy from Korea eats various yummy foods...and the best part is the sound of those eating and his channel was named after 'ASMR'. 

Since then I have seen many channels named ASMR but thought it will be some sort of social media abbreviation like OOTD etc. Then like before 7 days maybe....a video popped up while browsing through youtube named 'ASMR - sleeping sound' and the fact attracted me was its was a 10 hours long video. I started watching...and it was amazing...there was ads...just a girl making different types of soothing sounds using mike and other stuff.


The sounds and visions of ASMR are supposed to give you a soothing, cooling relaxed feeling. The term 'brain massage' is perfect to explain ASMR. It gives mental relaxation to a great extent. It creates a poised ambiance throughout your brain.

Public response about ASMR is not very clear because still there is no national-level research on this matter. There are people who are claiming ASMR having no effect on them where another mass is talking about its pleasing effect on our mind and brain.

Through various sounds created from different things one can found their pleasing moment and can have some moments of relaxation....that is the main motto of ASMR videos.

To understand the effect you need to go through the videos available in almost every social media handles. People generally watch these videos in a peaceful ambiance to find that "tingling" sensation through the brain, scalp, neck, and mind to some extent. 



According to people who make ASMR videos - these sounds can help to induce sleep. As there is no such research on this matter nothing can be said properly. And for this reason, before writing this article I have tried a lot of sound on myself. My sleep habit is totally healthy....still I tried these sounds before sleeping. I cannot say whether it has helped me to sleep quickly or not but one thing is for sure that my mind had been gripped by the calm effect of those sounds and I was feeling very relaxed. I would like to suggest you guys try ASMR once at least. Maybe you can get some help to relax your mind. It can be a great help to people in depression nowadays.

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