Ego and It's Side Effects


The problems we are having in today's lifestyle many of them are based on a little word made of three letters only......yes......presenting the one and only - "EGO." The easiest to pronounce but have the power to ruin our life by all means if we fail to get rid of it. And the fun fact is we all know that it's harmful still we are just unable to throw it away. We always point out others as egoists but never thought of putting down our ego in the first place.

What is 'EGO'?

Psychologists have a lot to say about it but based on what we are seeing around its self-centeredness. It is that feeling where only 'me' exists...nobody image, my opinion, my well-being, my comfort.....everything about 'me' and the worst part is a person can go to any extent to fulfill his ego. As a result, a person becomes selfish, arrogant, jealous instead of being happy for others.

How ego affect us?

1. It won't let you think about anyone else not even your about parents......yes, parents, the closest one. For instance, just look around and see how many old age homes are there and most of their children are well-settled abroad. Ego makes a person so selfish that he never thinks twice to leave his parents.

2. It won't let you accept that you can be wrong at times. Instead of correcting yourself, it will make you do the same mistake repeatedly because the correction will hurt your ego. 

3. You won't be able to appreciate anything good in others, rather it will make you feel jealous and insecure. 

4. Ego won't let you say "sorry" first which is the most important thing to maintain any kind of relationship today. A little "sorry" sometimes mean nothing but at times it works more than anything. 

5. With ego you will not be able to communicate with people freely. A question about their class, status, etc. will be there in mind to make you judgmental and to stop you from connecting with people around you. Rather it attracts the wrong people in life which ultimately pushes you towards a bad ending.

6. Stubbornness is one of the characteristics of egoistic people. Stubbornness won't let you take others' help and advice on anything in life. Nowadays we are always up for 'my life, my rule' but I truly believe sometimes it's needed that we listen to elders' advice cause they are experienced and have seen much more than us. Especially when we don't know about something we should listen to them before coming to a decision.

7. Ego can be an obstacle in the path of our success as it stops us from taking guidance from seniors.

8. Ego makes you typical and critical. You will not be able to find anything positive around you and will be complaining and nagging about everything. Nothing will be up to your satisfaction.

9. You will fail to cope with the normal stresses of life in a positive way which will further affect the way of living life. Tough times are part of our lives. And to deal with them we need a positive mind in the first place. But ego just makes us nothing but insecure and ruin our self-confidence.

10. You start to compete with people in everything. You forget to be you because your aim is to prove yourself true by hook or by crook.

11. You will be afraid of taking chances in life. This is also one of those reasons we are afraid of getting into a relationship. Maybe that could be a turning point in our life but we feel so exposed and insecure that we just deny getting into the whole thing.

12. There is a fine line between greed and ambition. Everyone should be ambitious in life but being greedy is a totally negative thing that puts you in an unhealthy fight of wanting more and more and more. Too much ego makes a person think of his greed as ambition and he could never be happy in life.

13. Last but not least, ego snatches away our sleep of peace. When we will be taking every comment, reaction personally straight on our worthiness instead of understanding the background, there will be nothing but stress and worries.

End of the day ego just left us on the empty ground having no one to appreciate us or just to talk to us.

Possible Way Out :


We all have more or less ego in us. But we should possess control over it too. One should know when to keep ego aside otherwise many good things will be out of our reach and we will keep complaining throughout life. Don't let ego overpower yourself.

One thing should be cleared here that protecting self-respect and being egoistic is not the same thing. Self-respect is about our dignity and confidence while ego is about proving ourselves right by any means like hurting someone, insulting someone, etc. To protect our self-respect we can place our opinion without disrespecting or demeaning anyone but ego can only be satisfied by hurting someone.


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