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Today we are not only in a new month but also have entered into the National Nutrition Week of 2020. Nothing can be more important than health and nutrition. And this year literally our life is at stake if we don't take care of it.

Ministry of Women and Child Development's Food and Nutrition Board launched this event of National Nutrition Week in 1982. The motto of this program was raising awareness about the importance of nutrition among people. In India National Nutrition Week 2020 is celebrated from 1st to 7th September and this year the theme is "Eat Right, Bite by Bite."

This year considering the situation around we should take nutrition more seriously than ever. Till now we do not have any vaccine for COVID-19. The only way to deal with it is by having nutritious foods that will help to boost our immunity along with maintaining the overall well-being of our health.

The first thing that comes to mind is what are the conditions of food being nutritious. It's very simple - our everyday meal needs to have seven ingredients to be nutritious which are carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and water. Well, this was the bookish understand it more simply we need to have green vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, egg, milk, rice, or bread in a proper balance. Then only we can have proper nutrition. So, you see, it's those things which we eat more or less every day. Then why I am talking about it? Because despite knowing all these what we do is....."Oh no!!.....I hate leafy vegetables", "No, don't give me Karela ( Bitter gourd/ bitter melon)." We all do it for different foods.

And I am not out of this group. Bitter Gourd and Bottle gourd( Calabash/long melon) are two veggies I always seek excuses to skip and my mom knows how to make me have this. Emotional blackmailing saying that many people are out of food there and the final one is calling dad whose dialogue is "Have that, I am here to take you to the hospital if you get sick because of that vegetable only." Rest is history......😄😄😄

On a serious note, we need to stop this if we want to live a healthy life. 

Let's take a simple tour of the categories of nutrients :

CARBOHYDRATES: Rice, bread, wheat, maize, potatoes, sugar, jaggery these are a common source of carbohydrates in our everyday meal. Besides, there are fruits like bananas, mangoes, melons, etc. as a source of it. Carbohydrate is present in our food mainly as sugar and starch.

PROTEINS: Milk, eggs, fish, meat these are the main source of animal protein and Pulses are the rich source of vegetable protein.

FAT: Milk, Butter, Ghee, Oils from various sources like mustard oil, groundnut oil, sunflower oil, soyabean oil, etc. contain fat.

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Some necessary vitamins for our body are vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and B1 to B12. These are available in foods we take every day normally.

MINERALS: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Cobalt, Fluorine, Calcium, Iodine, Phosphorus, Iron, etc. These minerals are needed for the proper growth and development of the human body.

DIETARY FIBRES: Foods that we get from plants are full of dietary fiber. It doesn't provide nutrients but essential for regular movement of the bowels.

WATER: 60 to 80% of the human body contains water. Nothing much to say about water. We all know how important it is for a living being.

These are the ingredients that control our growth and development. So, what I have planned is to cover various topics related to health and nutrition from now on... maybe I can share some healthy recipes too( from mom's kitchen of course).

And most is a request to all of you guys please let me know which topic you would like to read about health and nutrition. I would love to cover that. You can mention it in the comment section or there is a contact form in my can message me through that or can inbox me through social media handles of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.... links have been given in the blog.


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