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Sometimes we care for a particular person so much that we forget ourselves. All we want is to make that person happy. It happens in any kind of relationship....parents to children, children to parents, siblings to siblings, husband to wife, and so on. Is it really healthy? You are always thinking about someone else, living for someone else, doing for someone else....are you sure that the opposite side is also thinking the same as you? Here, some can say everyone has their own way to take care.....but after a certain time, it sounds like nothing but an excuse. 

"One-sided love is the strongest...cause it is not shared by two people" - this kind of line is good to hear in a movie but when it comes to real-life we cannot just live like me and my emotion for you...right? 

Whatever we are giving we expect it back at least to some extent and it really hurts when you realize whatever it's mainly one-sided...or maybe not strictly one-sided...they will think of you when they won't be having anything to do and which means you can be replaced by anything a little bit more attractive. 

It hurts when you come to them with that dependence that if you ask for something they will do it definitely but suddenly you come to know that you need to fit in their schedule first. It feels like your sand made home has just got a big wave. And the worst part is if you say it then you have to face the universal question - "Did you do it to get it back one day? or "Did I ask you to this"?

Let's assume the person you are asking for something will be really busy to help. That's normal and it happens. But the point is when I am placing myself to help him/her, I am up to manage to take out time within my super busy schedule by any means but this same thinking doesn't always come from the other side. 

You know the truth is...the thing we really want to do, we can manage time for it from any super busy schedule. After all, time cannot come walking on its own to need to take out time. Basically, it's about priority.

You are always up for someone but the person you are up for...will make sure that he/she is fine in the first place....then will come to's not a fair deal dear. Emotions make people do things selflessly sometimes but do not make yourself so available that people can predict you in every step. Too much availability will make you invisible one day. 

And this is why think before prioritizing a person selflessly. Otherwise, there will be no one at all when your castle - made of air, will fall down.

Image by Pixabay

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