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Ups and Downs of January :

Good afternoon everyone (1:29 pm in India). Happy February guys!! I hope you guys are doing well. I know it's been a while we have met and I am really sorry that I have failed to upload blogs regularly after January 6th. And If you really want to know the reason I suggest check out this youtube link. Cause this is the reason I have failed to manage time to for my blog. So basically the thing is I started this channel in September 2020 but back then I was at my home like in my hometown with my family and there were some barriers due to which I couldn't upload videos on a regular basis. 


Then I shifted to Kolkata on the 2nd of January, 2021 and my only focus was my youtube channel. So, immediately I started shooting for my channel but then there was some confusion about the content. Mainly, I was doing and still doing vlogs but also I want to try new content. 

So, every day it was like planning videos and discarded them. Also, becoming confident in front of the camera was a big challenge. Now, I am kinda comfortable but not completely. Every day I am learning and trying new speaking style and things like that. Also grooming myself starting from looks, little makeup, creating a look, and being comfortable with that. Above all, I am dating my camera on a daily basis.

One day, it was like before 2 weeks I guess, I planned to shoot a video. I had prepared everything I needed. But finally, when I started to talk I was so weird, so awkward that I literally started crying and drop that day's plan of shooting immediately and was unable to shoot for a couple of days. Now I kind of love talking on camera but sometimes I become extremely conscious and everything goes wrong.

Among all this, I have one and a half blunders. Last week I was supposed to get back to my hometown and for that, I started shooting some videos so that I can upload them later. I shot two videos and left for home. Finally, when I was editing them, mistakenly one video got deleted and I didn't have a backup so my 5 hours effort got in vain. This was one blunder. Now the half one is that I and my sister shot a fun video at my home, then I returned to Kolkata with the clips. The next morning, I didn't find a single video to edit. But thankfully I kept all the clips at home in a pen drive as well. So though the schedule has got disturbed, the video is still there.

So, it's kinda going like that with little ups and downs. Anyway, I am careful about these things now. And also from now on, I will be regular as I was previously. This site is the only companion I have to share my words and thought. I was feeling really bad for discontinuing writing. 

And also thanks to that handful of people who read my blogs. Thanks a ton guys for keep visiting. I was writing on a nutrition series and I will complete that with other kinds of blogs going on.

This was a short piece of note to cover up my absence. 
Take care and have a good day guys.

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