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Some Thoughts

Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well. Today I don't really have a topic to discuss. Just feel like sharing some thoughts and here I am.

Do you remember that ' fill in the blank' section in exams in school? It felt like every option was perfect for each gap. But there were perfect options to fit in the particular blank. Sometimes, there used to be extra options just to confuse the students. All we had to do was to pick up the correct option.

Some blanks of life also need to be filled properly. Every day we are searching out things and nothing is really fitting well. Fun fact: First, we cut out those options that actually fit the blanks well then keep trying to go with the conventional, people-pleasing ones. Now tell me, how can one score well with wrong answers?

And the worst part is one perfectly filled blank often creates more gaps to fill in and the process continues. That's why we put the wrong option knowingly...isn't it?


Have you ever felt like you are looking for something but you don't know what is it? Come on...don't deny. It happens and affects us.

Depression, anxiety, tension, etc has at least a definition to some extent. But these are not all. There are frequent feelings that we cannot even express properly with words but we suffer from them a lot. 

A person who cannot sleep at night can go for sleeping pills or counselling or things like that but a person who is looking happy, sleeping well, eating well, and still carrying an undefined hole deep down inside which is knocking him every now and then, is the worst thing ever.

Fun fact: Most of the time people take these things as nothing when you try to share.

The first thing that comes to mind is to share with parents but most of them have this amazing theory - "We didn't even lights to study. You guys have so many facilities and still, you are making excuses." 😂😂😂

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The generation gap is a thing to consider here but what's this mentality man!!! "whatever we had in our time was right and whatever your generation is having is all wrong." - Are you serious? At least get to know things, try them out, and then judge. No, they already have their preconceived notions about everything.

Nowadays, the most conflicting thing between parents and millennials is I think choosing a career path. I don't understand one thing, if you know that you will be playing the safest way possible then why do you guys always ask to have dreams and aims in life? Life is not a showcase right that people will come and say "wow!! what a dream you have dreamt dear. Well done." These are supposed to be achieved...right?

I think there should be a little modification like when you are asking a child to have a dream or aim whatever please do mention that it should be something traditional\conventional like a teacher, clerk, nurse or maximum doctor and engineer but nothing more than that. Otherwise, after a certain time, there is just a confused soul left trying to find peace anyway possible. 

Because you agree or not, it's really hard to motivate yourself every single day, and every alternate day it feels like " to hell with everything yar! I don't care...think whatever you guys want to...I will only do whatever I feel like." And trust me if this generation literally thinks to hell with everything else except themselves...they will do it. 

You accept some of me...I will accept some of me, there will be peace. Just say it for once " Carry on...let's see what happens..." You don't know what magic is hidden in those words from you guys. But it rarely happens.

Anyway, keep smiling.

That's it for today guys. 
Thank you for visiting and reading.
Love and care from Anny's Pen.
See you in the next blog.

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