Happiness and Inner Peace - Can we have both?

Inner Peace and Happiness

Which one would you go for? 

We all have the thirst for both inner peace and happiness but when life happens do we really get a chance to have both of them at the same time? For some people, happiness is the concept where they believe they have found peace. But we cannot avoid the fact that most of the time peace comes at the price of happiness. We do sacrifice one to have another. Because at the end of the day we all want to be in a place where we can breathe without taking a deep sigh of distress.

Well, logically it can be said where there is happiness there is peace. But if we try to find the answer from life, we will realize it doesn't really that simple. Most of the time we choose one of them knowingly or unknowingly. Peace is a feeling of getting into your cosy bed after a really hard day. Whereas happiness is if your life partner actually suggests the same thing instead of expecting a cup of tea of your hand just after you reach home. Now, if you are an Indian you will know this. And if you are not let me tell you in most of the Indian households the married women of the house are not supposed to take rest immediately after coming home from work. Males and kids of the house get restless if their mother is getting late to return home not because they are missing her, but because they want homemade delicious food, a cup of tea, basically, a person whom they can order things.

Now, this is a kind of situation where a woman may choose the happiness of staying together with her husband, kids by just silently making food for them or she can choose to stand up for her inner peace and say "I can't, I need rest. Why don't you go to the kitchen and help yourself." Trust me this is the toughest point ever. If this situation keeps repeating every day, eventually one day you will just burst it out and the end can lead to separation. From the eye of a third person this whole thing can be seen as a silly excuse, but the person who is actually going through this will know what it takes to do things for people who take you for granted no matter whatever you sacrifice for them. This is just one circumstance I have shown which is actually very much relatable in the country I belong to. Thousands of situations we face in our daily life that make us choose between happiness and inner peace.

You see, how hard it is to have both happiness and peace at the same time in life. Having both at the same time is the magical touch of that fairy wand in life. Still, nobody can tell you what should you choose. Sometimes if we talk to the people whom we live with about our problem, a solution can come out. But if you have tried it already and failed maybe try to figure out "Does your every day sacrifice worth it?" 

For me, it doesn't make sense to sacrifice my inner peace every single day unless there is a severe crisis going on. I deserve my place of breathing. And I did give up quite a few things in my life for this reason. People who take us for granted, do not deserve our sacrifice for them. At least, I believe so. End of the day I need a place where I won't be judged, I won't be restricted or limited to something. That place can be a person's companionship or can be my favourite corner of the house with a cup of coffee and a favourite novel. Trust me, I haven't done any crime that worth sacrificing this wanting of my inner peace 😄😄.
And neither you have. Let yourself have what you deserve. If you have come this far reading this I wish you a happy Tuesday. Take care of yourself.

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Love and care from Anny's Pen.
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Disclaimer: This article is purely based on my personal opinion. Yours can be totally different which I do respect, so do not take it personally. And it's open to criticism but be kind with your words.

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