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40 Self-Care Ideas for Introverts

Self-Care is nothing but managing a certain time period for yourself every day to heal yourself, to talk to yourself or to listen to yourself. There is no boundary about what can be included in a Self-Care regime. Self-Care includes every little thing that brings you happiness. 
In our middle-class Indian family, we are always taught to take care of others, to do what pleases others, to take an approval before doing anything in life, basically, whatever decision you take, needs to be approved by all the family members, relatives and sometimes neighbours. There is hardly any place left for Self-Care. 


Actually, it has become an unhealthy cycle - A girl becoming a mother before 30, then she forgets herself not because she failed to manage time rather it's guilty to pamper yourself when you have kids and husband and in-laws to take care of. Eventually, she starts expecting her kids to think about their mom and they don't. And suddenly she discovers that nobody really cares about her until the food is being served. Then she teaches her kids to do the same blunder of ignoring themselves and being chocolate to please everyone. And among all these stereotypes if you are an introvert type, then it's become a 'Do or Die' kind of situation. 

Statistically, 50% of the Indian Community is introverted type people. Precisely, 675 Million people are finding their way to be accepted in society and to know who they are. Introverts mean those people who generally stay reserved, quiet and introspective. Extroverts and Introverts are two completely opposite poles of a personality scale. Where an extrovert seems to expand energy from socialisation, the introvert seems to expend energy through social interactions.

The most common phenomena about introverts is that most people find them difficult as a company. Yes, it's true because an introverted person doesn't like to open up to anybody. That's why the friend circle of an introvert is extremely small and some have none. The person who is the best friend of an introvert is the person himself. So pamper and spent time with yourself the best way you can. 

40 Self Care Ideas for Introverts:

Here are 40 Self-Care ideas that can be helpful if you are an introverted kind of person - 
1. Never compare yourself to extroverted persons.
2. Mark a particular time span as your alone time daily.
3. Have a morning routine.
4. Have a skincare regime.
5. Follow a healthy habit every day like - exercise/no junk food/early rising, etc.
6. Learn to say 'NO'.
7. Go for a long drive.
8. Have some time for meditation daily.
9. Listen to your favourite music.
10. Go for a long walk in nature.
11. Stay away from Social Media for a certain time every day.
12. Never force yourself to attain social gatherings to be a part of society. You can contribute to society without attaining parties too.
13. Spent time with plants if you like gardening.
14. Watch your favourite TV show alone.
15. Read your favourite books.
16. Buy yourself a gift.
17. Never feel guilty for being an introvert.
18. Listen to healing music.
19. Decorate a favourite corner in your house.
20. Clean your bookshelf.
21. Take a long bath.
22. Go on a date with yourself.
23. Have your favourite food from the favourite restaurant.
24. Cook a new recipe.
25. Spend time with your best friend.
26. Write a gratitude journal daily.
27. Go through the childhood photo album.
28. Gain knowledge by researching a topic.
29. Try to cultivate a new hobby.
30. Use creativity to get away from boredom. 
31. Write a Blog Post on the issue you think you need to talk about.
32. Spend time with your pet.
33. Make a list of your favourite go-to songs.
34. Make a bucket list.
35. Read some motivational quotes.
36. Make a list of things you love about yourself.
37. Find out some positive words that describe you.
38. Redecorate your room.
39. Have a night routine.
40. Make a schedule for the whole week.

Common Traits of an Introvert:

  • Exhausted after squandering with a lot of people.
  • Too many people around you make you tired.
  • You love to spend time with specific people like - family or some particular friends.
  • Meeting new people now and then is not your thing.
  • To you, quality time means having a long evening with yourself and your hobbies, favourites etc.
  • Whatever social activity you do, you need a certain time at the end of the day to think, restore and reflect.
  • Most of the people find you difficult as a company.
  • You are always in search of a peaceful rhythm in every situation.
  • Situations with lots of activities make you unfocused, distracted and fatigued.
  • You love to explore your inner self.
  • Independence is the thing you are not willing to give up at any cost.

There is a huge misconception about introverts which is that introverts mean people who are timid and don't have any opinion about anything. But this is not true. A person who chooses to stay quiet also has his/her opinion on everything just as extroverts do. And according to the situation, an introvert does speak for himself. Also, introverts are seen to be bullied most of the time in schools, colleges and workplaces which is the most disgusting and inhuman thing ever. If you feel that the person sitting next to you is not comfortable to response don't use it to your advantage. It just shows how mean you are. 

This was all for today guys. Hope you have liked the article. And if you have come reading this far I wish you a good day ahead. Take care of yourself.

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Love and care from Anny's Pen.
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