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You know, they say it right….if anyone can plan your life that is life herself. And we foolish human beings either blame God or ourselves. Last 4 months have been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Physically I was staying at home and mentally I am unable to count how many places I have been. 

Being a 24 years old girl in India is not a crime…it’s just that parents don’t want to keep you at home any more. On top of that if you’re someone who is still unemployed and always wanted to pursue her dream, trust me thought of marriage won’t be a bed of roses.

But somehow I got lucky and after changing my decisions uncountable times managed to get the very first job of my life. The moment I started to feel a little good about myself I come to know that I have to leave my home, my comfort zone within a year or so with the famous tag line “Areh! Everyone does it. You have to do it too. Simple!” hahaha….what more can I say?

Among all these my grandmother passed away and I witnessed death for the very first time in my life. It was life changing…not getting enough words to explain my feelings. All I can say is it’s just a breathe away. Instead of complaining just embrace what you have. 

The grief of Thamma’s passing away eventually helps to revive some sweet bondings and I get back one of my best friends ❤️. Slowly everything was coming together and I almost forgot that ‘marriage’ thing I was told about. Suddenly in the middle of July I come to know that they are finding a suitable groom with full energy and it was me who had no clue about it. Yes, this is called India. 

It feels like I am sinking and people around me are just silent audience. You know, in India marriage is not extending your family…it’s actually a separation from your birth-family and getting into a new one. A girl who has taught to dream big, think big…..it is terrible for her. Because she thinks big and in her big thinking she would love to be someone’s beloved but not an attendant in the disguise of ‘beloved’.

End of the day, nobody gives a damn about what you are thinking…doesn’t matter if you have opinion about things….doesn’t matter if you are not okay with something…you just need to get married and that’s all. 

So after a few sleepless nights the vision was quite clear. It’s simple actually - nobody’s going to wait for me to get a proper job, in fact it’s not a matter to think for them because they are going to tie me up with someone rich and I am supposed to ask for money even to buy a lipstick for myself. 

A few days passed….I get out of my mood and made the first ever CV of my life kind of desperately.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ And started applying almost blindly. Got lucky somehow and bagged a full time job. Still, I am scared as hell of being judged by a stranger selected by my parents. But, I guess now I have that minimum base to raise my voice. I know what I need and what I don’t.

After getting job people say that it's not about money. But trust me, it is about money….and thinking that doesn’t make you money-minded. But yes, it is not just about money. Even if you are earning a very small amount, you have been identified and accepted as an individual which is the best feeling ever…. Marrying a rich person won’t provide that feeling. 

Again, it’s tough…way harder than it sounds…but just don’t give up yet. You will get there eventually. Becoming a content writer was never on my list neither did writing. But, it comes out like I can do it and kinda enjoy it actually. 

Also I would like to conclude this post with one last thing…specially for my Indian friends and readers out there…. “Government job is not the end of the world”….so just keep trying, have faith and don’t limit yourself with anything….something will definitely pop up.

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Disclaimer: This blog is completely based on my personal opinion. I respect if you don't agree with me and expect the same from you.

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