The Need of being in “NEED”

No matter how much you try to connect to people they won’t be liking you if you have a perspective about life, some opinions about things, and especially if you are not maintaining a gesture of enjoyment and fun all the time. Be it boyfriend, be it friends somehow all of them try to influence after a certain extent. And if you are not getting influenced then you are the odd man out. People with whom we are hanging out cannot share our pain but we are posting selfies with them saying “having a great day”. 

Bollywood has made a weird concept among people that friendship is the first step of love. Seriously? Can we share everything with our boyfriend/husband? Can we say that “see I am going for a solo trip”…or maybe “I need to stay alone for some time to cool myself down”. The truth is everyone comes in life to extract something from you except parents/siblings. Even after a certain point, there is no difference between a love marriage and arrange marriage. Nobody will ever accept our unfiltered version. We know this and avoid this fact knowingly. Either you need to be vulnerable….or you need to be very naive…like you don’t understand anything of this world….or you need to be extremely girlieeshhh….like you need to love to cook…you need to love pink, wearing sarees other shit.

Nowadays meeting someone new means they will try to make some amendments in your life by any means. And if you keep saying no then you are a very serious type of girl. If I am saying I am okay with something that means I am comfortable with that particular thing….why are you up to pass comments like “You should or You shouldn’t”? 

Someone has said it rightly…men just love “Bechara” women. They always either need to give advice or to be a strong support to rescue a woman from a miserable mental state or something. They are simply unable to treat a woman equally as a human being by default. A woman needs to “need” a man first…then only it will be known as a love/whatever relationship. Every relationship is a fairy tale with terms and conditions applied. And unfortunately we keep trying to avoid  those terms and conditions in spite of knowing that they cannot be avoided. We just create a happy bubble…. live inside that saying “I am in love” and forget the most significant fact that bubbles are momentary.

The best option is to be our own friend… no one can understand us better than ourselves. So just be your best friend…say ‘NO’ to those things you don’t like and enjoy the circus going on around. Once we understand who we are and how we are there is nothing that can dominate us. 


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